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Novameta cyclonic filters exploit centrifugal force to extract grease particles with efficiency of up to 95%. When grease-laden air enters Novameta cyclonic filter, it is forced to transform its path into a series of cyclones. The grease particles in the rotating streams have too much inertia to follow a cyclonic curve of the stream. As a result, the particles strike inner walls of filter channels and permanently stick to it.


Comparative study has been carried out at Kaunas University of Technology, where Novameta cyclonic and industry standard baffle(labyrinth) filters have been tested . It has been found, that Novameta cyclonic filters are over two times more effective than the common baffle(labyrinth) filters at the same exhaust air flow ate!

High extraction efficiency results in more hygienic kitchen environment, reduced fie risks and translates into direct savings to the customer by requiring less frequent duct and exhaust fan cleaning and maintenance.


The design of Novameta filters reduces fie hazard and ensures that highest fire-safety standards are met. The filter has a fully closed backside, which works as a barrier to stop flame penetrating into the hood plenum and the ductwork. Thanks to inclined position of the filters inside the hood, flammable grease does not accumulate inside the filter– gravity causes grease particles drip down to the grease collection trough. Novameta cyclonic filters are completely made of 0,8-1,0 mm AISI 304 steel and designed to be washed in any commercial dishwasher.


Novameta filters,as well as hoods, have been developed and tested using the cutting edge CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis. CFD analysis is being applied to the design and optimization of Formula 1 cars, space shuttle R&D and in numerous of other advanced mechanical and industrial engineering applications. The CFD tests along with a number of experimental investigations at Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) and laboratories of FORCE TECHNOLOGY (Denmark) have been made in order to determine the characteristics and behaviour of Novameta exhaust hoods. Novameta hoods are provided with recommended air flowrates and full pressure drop characteristics required to select the most appropriate exhaust fan for the kitchen ventilation system, as well as to conveniently set-up the exhaust hood according to the required exhaust flow rate.