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Air-cleaning Units

Jimco A/S has specialised in the reduction of grease and odour problems through the development of advanced patented UV-C & Ozone technology.

This technology eliminates a number of environmental hazards generated by industrial and commercial processes.

Example one: Destruction of odour and grease produced by industrial and commercial fryers/deep fat fryers that can exhaust to atmosphere and deposit in the hood and duct systems.



The airborne microorganisms are accessible for the UV-rays, while the conventional means of air disinfection are useless or not applicable. No matter how indispensable and important they may be in the field of disinfection of medical equipment.


Example two: Dramatic reduction of malodour and organic contamination from sewage, bio-gas and incinerating plants. Applications are numerous and most organic based environmental hazards can be eliminated using Jimco technology.

Benefits using Jimco Air-cleaning units:

  • Tested and reliable equipment
  • Effective reduction of odours and VOC’s
  • No use of chemicals or fragrant oils
  • No use of filters or absorbents
  • No use of micro biology
  • No liquid effluent or harmful residues
  • Compact installation that efficiently utilises space
  • Simple to retrofit into existing buildings
  • Instant start-up and shot down
  • Competitive investment cost
  • Low maintenance and operation cost

Eliminate the problems associated with high chimney stacks, incinerators/thermal oxidisers, biological filters/peat beds, chemical scrubbers, fragrant oil masking, etc. as they are not required when you use Jimco technology.​