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References from satisfied customers OZ1000 & OZ2000

Translation of letter received from Give Rensningsanlæg

We, at Give Municipal wastewater treatment plant use a Jimco Compact Cleaner in connection with our pumping station in the town of Give, where neighbours to some extent have been complaining about odour nuisance. The pumping station receives industrial wastewater and wastewater from the surrounding area, which is transported in a pressure pipe 3 x 5 kilometres. And in this connection, we have some problems with hydrogen sulphide, which we try to eliminate by adding iron chloride, but even though we have good results with eliminating hydrogen sulphide with iron chloride, we still have periods with odour problems and hydrogen sulphide. Therefore, we have installed a Jimco filter in the pumping station to eliminate the odour nuisance, which occurs periodically and we have good results. We have not examined the effect of the ozone filter thoroughly, but the complaints have stopped.

​Best regards,


Translation of letter received from Munkebjerg Hotel

Re: Compact Cleaner

​During some time, we experienced odour problems in a room where we store food waste in plastic containers with lids. We then tested a compact cleaner for one week and after 2 days the room air was improved and after one week the odour nuisance was gone.

​We had no doubt – we invested in a compact cleaner, which not only sterilised the air but also removed the odour nuisance. To us this was an inexpensive solution to our problem and we hereby warmly recommend the air-cleaner.

​Best regards,

​Jens Peder Hansen

Translation of letter received from Nørre Aaby Rensningsanlæg

Recommendation of OZ1000

​After having tried an OZ1000 air controller in our sludge pressing room, we recommend this machine. The sludge pressing room is a place where water is pressed out of the sewage sludge and it smells a lot. One hour after having installed the OZ1000, a considerable improvement of the room air was noticed and after 24 hours the sludge odour was gone. After various tests, we have now installed an on/off switch on the OZ1000 as it has shown that there is no need having the machine turned on all the time. Now it is on from 04:30 until 15:30 and during working hours no sludge odour is detectable. (This is with stopped exhaustion of the room). The exhaust has not been on since the installation of the OZ1000. And it has resulted in a much better working environment.

​In addition, we have made tests with the OZ1000 in one of our dry installed pumping stations and after using the OZ1000; we have achieved a much better working environment.

​Therefore, we recommend the OZ1000 for elimination of odour problems.

​Best regards,

​Craftsman at Nørre Aaby Rensningsanlæg

​Finn Fejer