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Air Purfication Module​


The mobile APM (Air Purification Module) air-cleaner – equipped with Ozone producing UV-C lamps – is based on the same photolytic oxidation technology as the other patented products in our range.

The APM air-cleaner is applicable in bacteria loaded environments and sterilises rooms up to 800 m3. It removes odours and at the same time, it kills bacteria, vira and yeast cultures in the air that passes through the APM air-cleaner. When using UV-C light, simple cells, e.g. bacteria, vira, mould and yeast cultures cannot reproduce.

The APM Air cleaner is designed to sterilise and remove odours in decontaminated transport containers. It is however also suitable for depots, storage rooms, holdings in cargo ships etc.

Jimco products clean the air by means of ozone producing UV-C light. The UV-C light reacts with the natural oxygen in the air and thereby forming ozone. The ozone will decompose naturally after a short period, depending on the amount of pollution material to be oxidised (treated) and the amount of UV-C light present. After reacting on organic substances, ozone returns to its original form, which is oxygen (O2). This means that no Nitric Oxide (NOX) is formed contrary to the traditional manufacturing process where the ozone is formed by means of high voltage. The smell detection limit for ozone is 0.02 ppm. When this limit is reached, the ozone smell becomes unpleasant.

The environmental authorities do not list ozone as a dangerous substance.

During the treatment process personnel are not allowed to stay in the room.

Jimco APM air-cleaner is delivered in the several models.

It can be expensive…

A food production factory can be exposed to bacteria and mould even if a high standard of hygiene is in place. Manual surface disinfect ion of work surfaces, machinery and freezers etc. can often allow an unusually high number of bacteria to remain. Unpleasant odours can also cause inconvenience.

In these cases money may be lost through complaints resulting in bad publicity and spoilt product.

It is easy to be at the front edge..

By simple use of the mobile APM air-cleaner, you will quickly and effectively sterilise and remove unpleasant odours from the air in a confined production space.

The daily cleaning of production areas is the most important function to maintain a high standard of hygiene and by using the air-cleaner, you will also prevent mould, fungi or any other type of bacteria from forming on the equipment, walls or ceiling.

10 obvious advantages

  • Can be used quickly for emergencies
  • Gives added security for good quality product
  • Reduces risk of complaints
  • Uses no chemicals
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Is easy to use
  • No skilled operatives are needed
  • Negligible maintenance
  • Minimum investment
  • Uses approved and documented technology​